Chill out
and puff a paka

Paka delivers 90% pure distilled cannabis concentrate.
Relax knowing your favorite puff palĀ is discreet and free of residual solvents.

Paka pen clear concentrate vape pen


Paka pens are a distilled cannabis spirit at 90% pure THC that contain no solvents, glycols, residual pesticides or plant materials which can be harmful for your health. This pure and clean product is for the health conscious folks or people seeking a premium medical alternative.


This pure and clear concentrate provides a smooth and gradual ride. It takes you where you need to go while leaving you in a capable and productive state.


Puff ready Paka vape pens offer a discreet and mobile alternative. You can enjoy it anytime anywhere without the need for charging or additional batteries. The proprietary distillation process removes unwanted materials in addition to the grassy cannabis scent allowing discreet enjoyment almost anywhere. Crafted blends of strain specific terpenes are re-added to make Paka the tastiest clear vape pen available!

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